What We Do

We connect and work with businesses, schools/ colleges, parents and students to educate, empower and enable young people to make a meaningful contribution to the modern digital workplace.

Through our Tech Labs and our Enterprise Academy, young people work on digital projects that serve the needs of businesses and councils and that benefit them and the wider community for the longer term.

These projects give young people creative licence to discover, develop and celebrate new technical and interpersonal skills, build relationships with educational mentors, and open up exciting new employment opportunities.


Our Purpose

We’re a charity that strengthens the relationship between young people, employers, and community by bringing them together on digital tech projects that serve a real-world purpose and deliver social impact in their development.

Our Vision

We believe that every young person should have employer interactions that empower them to develop the digital and interpersonal skills needed for the modern workplace and that provide the opportunity for them to make a valuable contribution to their communities and wider society.

Our Mission

It is our mission to improve the educational and professional attainment of young people by engaging them on exciting digital programmes that serve a business purpose and help to develop their employment skills and opportunities.


Our Partners


Our Network

Schools & Students

Our award-winning programme helps schools and colleges to meet their Gatsby Benchmarks by delivering meaningful employer interactions.  Our digital projects engage students of secondary school age by connecting and inspiring their rewarding work with peers, businesses, and the local community.


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Universities & Educators

We connect with university volunteer programmes, ICT courses and teaching graduates to create rewarding student opportunities. Students are encouraged to mentor young people of secondary school age to work with them on digital technology projects that engage with businesses and the local community.

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Parents & Young People

We present young people with a unique experience inside and outside of school. Parents are encouraged to support the inspiring discovery of new and exciting technical and personal skills that unlock an exciting new world of digital educational and opportunities with employers for the young people on our programmes.

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Businesses & Councils

Our programmes offer organisations an invaluable investment in socially responsible work that engages staff with the future workforce. The digital projects that organisations sponsor, guarantee to serve a purpose for that organisation and create rewarding opportunities for engaging staff and customers.


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