Supporting Our Work

Whether donating useful tools, time, or skills to our programmes, we are grateful for all the support our volunteers provide to help maintain and develop our charity.

The involvement of volunteers continues to inspire us as we see time and again how peers and professionals from different industries and capacities can make such a difference. 

Volunteers empower us with new ideas and action, and help us ignite young people’s passion for learning new skills and developing new friends, relationships and opportunities.

We have volunteer opportunities to support our programme administration and development behind-the-scenes, as well as front-of-house in mentoring and providing learning resources for participants. Please get in touch to support our work.

Mentoring students

Help to nurture the technical and interpersonal skills of young people.

Mentor our community of young people in empowering each other.

Make a rewarding & meaningful contribution to our charity's work.

Support digital projects that have real-world benefit & social impact.


Join One of Our Programmes

Our programmes give young people creative licence to discover, develop and celebrate new technical and interpersonal skills, build relationships with educational mentors, and open up exciting new employment opportunities.

Our “Tech Lab” programme

Our Tech Lab challenge is conducted online in schools/ colleges, where an organisation sponsors the students to find a digital solution to a business problem for real-world application, supported by educational and industry experts.

Participants can go on to graduate into the Cloudy Enterprise Academy.

Our “Enterprise Academy” programme

The Cloudy Enterprise Academy is an out-of-school online community hub for young people to share skills and tech resources for self-guided learning supported by alumni peers, educational advisors and employer mentors. Working on business projects proposed by partnering organisations, participants take part in 1 hour of online learning each week for 12 weeks.

Benefits for Volunteers & Sponsors

Building the workforce of tomorrow & new community relationships with potential future partners

Enriching young people’s lives with work that has a real-world application & looks great on CVs!

Providing enriched learning opportunities that encourage creativity & innovation

Supporting socially-inclusive opportunities that create positive stories for volunteers & sponsors

Doing fulfilling work nurturing competencies & workplace skills to help young people grow


Join Our Network Of Volunteers

We want volunteers who are as diverse as our participants.

We want volunteers who can support our participants using their business, technical or education expertise. Young people who are just a few years ahead in their education are invited to join us too (especially participants returning from an Enterprise Academy project). We will take you through formal safeguarding training so that you can work as role models and mentors for participants.

What Volunteers Get from Supporting...

Volunteers will gain the opportunity to help - and learn from - the upcoming generation of fourth industrial revolution workers as they support the development of their digital, creative & interpersonal skills. Being part of our volunteer community and sharing your experience, makes you an integral part of participants' growth & success, where you will benefit from new friends/networks and gain a sense of fulfilment from your work. That feeling is rewarding in itself, but your voluntary work with us will also pay dividends on your CV to help you stand out against other candidates in the job market.
Day 2 at BUTC - Student support from Aylesbury Community Action

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