Supporting Our Work

Whether donating useful tools, time, or skills to our programmes, we are grateful for all the support our volunteers provide to help maintain and develop our charity.

The involvement of volunteers continues to inspire us as we see time and again how peers and professionals from different industries and capacities can make such a difference. 

Volunteers empower us with new ideas and action, and help us ignite young people’s passion for learning new skills and developing new friends, relationships and opportunities.

We have volunteer opportunities to support our programme administration and development behind-the-scenes, as well as front-of-house in mentoring and providing learning resources for participants. Please get in touch to support our work.

Mentoring students

Help to nurture the technical and interpersonal skills of young people.

Mentor our community of young people in empowering each other.

Make a rewarding & meaningful contribution to our charity's work.

Support digital projects that have real-world benefit & social impact.


Our Partners