June - September 2021 Tech Lab Project

Youth Views:
Aylesbury Youth Survey

This project presents an exciting opportunity for young people in Aylesbury to help Buckinghamshire Council, local charities & organisations to discover local needs.

Following focus groups to design the survey questions, young people of Aylesbury will be offered a unique opportunity to share their views via an interactive app developed (and marketed) by Bucks University Technical College (BUTC) students as part of a Cloudy Foundation Tech Lab.

Out of the 7 BUTC teams participating in our Tech Lab, only 3 qualify to the final on 2 July, where those students present their concepts to a panel of judges and exhibit their projects in a Community Exhibition at Bucks New University.

The judges and public vote determine the winning campaign that will go on to be fully developed by students alongside IT, marketing. and media professionals, for public launch across Aylesbury over Summer 2021.

Project Aims

We aim to work with educational and community business partners to identify young people who can help give clarity to what young people need in a post Covid19 society.

This will inform Buckinghamshire Council’s plans for how to create better opportunities in the community and in the employment market in future.

Project progress to date

Project completion: September 2021

Who we're working with

The Organisations Involved

Project Deliverables

Aylesbury Youth Action Workshops Take Place

AYA bring together 3 groups of 5 young people to produce a set of questions over 4 weekly sessions. These questions and ideas are briefed to the Tech Lab students.

Tech Lab with Bucks University Technical College

BUTC students work on their Tech Lab over 1 week to turn the questions and ideas into a progressive web app (or similar) proof of concept with marketing plan for promoting it.

Development of the Digital Solution (App) & Media

Over 1 week, BUTC students will be supported by CloudyIT engineers to develop the winning concept chosen by the judges for final use and promotion.

Survey is Launched Publicly by Buckinghamshire Council

Bucks Council launch the survey app using the marketing media created by the students to encourage young people in Aylesbury to complete the survey.

Progress so far

Activity To Date

How you can help

Do You Want to Get Involved?

The App is now live!

Try it at: cloudyfoundation.co.uk/youth-survey


Please help us to spread the word in Aylesbury about this App.

We want to encourage as many young people as possible to influence the future plans for Aylesbury by completing the Youth Survey found on this App.